155 Questions from Jamb Recommended Text “InDependence” By Sarah Ladipo Manyika (A Must Read)

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155 Questions from Jamb Recommended Text “InDependence” By Sarah Ladipo Manyika (A Must Read) – Click Here

Candidates are to note that irrespective of their choice of course of study or method of testing, they will also be tested on a general text: “In Dependence” by Sarah Ladipo Manyika for UTME and “The Last Days at Forcados High School” by A.H. Mohammed is for Direct Entry Candidates.

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Here are 155 Questions from Jamb Recommended Text “InDependence” By Sarah Ladipo Manyika arranged in the following headings:

58 IMPORTANT CHARACTERS in the novel – “InDependence” By Sarah Ladipo Manyika
1. Omotayo Oluwakayode Ajayi also known as TY.
2. Inspector Adeniyi Ajayi : Tayo’s father who was once a court servant and an
interpreter in the native administration before joining the police.
3. Mrs Elizabeth Richardson: Mother of Venessa.
4. Mr Jonathan Richardson: Father of Venessa.
5. Bisi and Remi: Siblings of Tayo.
6. Mr Edward Maximilian Barker: The one who welcomed Omotayo prior to the letter given to Tayo by Mr Faircliff.
7. Mr Clark: Tayo’s Mathematics Teacher.
8. Mr Blackburn: British empire history teacher.
9. Headmaster Faircliff: Tayo’s Headmaster.
10. Uncle Bolu also known as Uncle B: Tayo’s uncle who loved drinking and women. And women also loved him in return.
11. Modupe: Tayo’s Lover before going to Oxford at age 19.
12. Uncle Oluwakayode Ogundipe: A Big Man in Lagos, who lived in a luxurious, a
senior army officer before leaving for France to study Engineering. He was able to
meet Venessa.
13. Helen: Uncle Kayode’s wife.
14. Aunty Bayo: Former wife of Uncle Kayode.
15. Mr Lekan Olajide: whom Tayo met on board – from Ogbomoso.
16. Mr Ibrahim Mohammed : whom Tayo met on board- from Kaduna on a voyage
17 Mr Ike Nwade: A student of History
18. . Mrs Isabella Barker: An attractive young Italian woman who preferred to be
called “Isabella”..
19. Miss Christine Arinze : A student of Modern language who later became Tayo’s
girlfriend but had a misunderstanding with Tayo because he didn’t want a longtime
relationship. She later on had Ike has her boyfriend. She died of drug overdose
(Suicide). She studied Modern Languages at St. Hilda College, Oxford
20. Mr Bolaji Ladipupo: A Law student.

21. Venessa Richardson “aka Moremi by Tayo to show her fighting spirit”: Tayo’s
white Lady lover..
22. Christopher Okigbo: A poet and Omotayo’s teacher
23. Jane: A Friend to Venessa a physicist also (whites) studying at Cambridge.
24. Pat: A Physicist – Vanessa’s friend.
25. Gita from Kenya: An English student – Vanessa’s friend.
26. Charlie and Mehul: (whites)
27. Simon: The president of west African Student.
28. Francis: From Ghana who was with the idea that independence came far too
early for africans
29. Maynes Keynes: Venessa’s grandpa was in the colonial service
30. Lord Lugard: was once the governor of Hong kong before coming to Nigeria and he also became our governor in the year 1914.
31. Nancy Murdoch and Mr Murdoch.
32. Uncle Tony: Vanessa’s Uncle – who had sex with Jane on their way from the
train station.
33. Tunde: the cousin of Tayo who works in the bakery.
34. Yusuf Abubakar: who works in the hospital. HE believed white women were only
meant for friendship but not for marriage with his genuine reasons
35. Nkrumah: The first president of Ghana and Senghor of Senegal Kenyatt.
36. Madam Pagnole.: The Cook for the Humes – middle name is Gisele
37. Chinua Achebe: Author of things fall apart and No longer at Ease.
38. Joyce: Yusuf’s white girlfriend who said he hasn’t heard Yusuf speak Nigerian
before and thenYusuf replied her: you daft one, no one speaks Nigerian.
39. Mr and Mrs winter: They live across the road at Bradley – they bailed Tunde ,
Tayo and Yusuf when they were arrested
40. Joy Williams: The black WOMAN Yusuf got married to.
41. Salamatou: an hairstylist in Dakar, Senegal who died in a motor accident
42. Nigerian coup d’etat and Biafran war.
43. Anais Nin: The first British erotic writer.

44. Jean Luc: A French who had promised to marry Salamatou but ran away after he got to know she was pregnant.
45. Miriam: A nurse, whom treated Tayo’s father and got pregnant for Tayo. Got
married to Tayo and gave birth to Kemi.
46. Kemi: Daughter of Tayo and Miriam
48.. President Shagari
49. Wole Soyinka: Okri the Booker.
50. Mr Akin: A carver..
51. Dogun Dutse Mobile station.
52. Samir: From Bradford – Interpreter at the Brakery.
53. Suleiman: Salamatou’s son hence Venessa’s adopted son. A Muslim he became
and a drop out
from Cambridge.
54. Abdou: The driver who was taken Tayo to the airport before an accident occur.
55. Laurent: Kemi’s boyfriend.
56. Danjuma: The gardener – who later had secret affair with Vanessa’s mother.
57. Juma and Saratu: Vanessa’s home cats
58. Professor John Harris: He is the man whom Kemi introduced to his father from
the University.

IMPORTANT DATES in the novel – InDependence” By Sarah Ladipo Manyika
 1951: When Tayo first saw the Aureol
 1945: When Mr. Richardson and Mr. Murdoch were preparing for
colonial service at Oxford
 1966: When Tayo left Oxford
 1974: When Uncle Kayode Married Helene
 1912: When the Old man Tayo met started work with Lord Lugard
 1974: When the Aureol made it last voyage across West Africa
 1994: When Tayo was Incarcerated
 1978: When Vanessa’s mother died of cancer
 1975: When Vanessa left Dakar
 1976, July 15th: When Vanessa and Edward got married
 1968: When Vanessa ran into Edward in a restaurant in London after
breakup with Tayo
 Tayo and Vanessa met again 27 years after they departed

CHAPTER BY CHAPTER QUESTIONS from “InDependence” By Sarah Ladipo Manyika

1. “An old man should be contemplating his mortality than dreaming of women” – this
statement was stated by who? a) Tayo b) Mr. Richardson c) Mr. Ajayi d) Miriam
2. Which day of the week did Tayo leave Nigeria for Oxford in 1963? a) Saturday b)
Sunday c) Monday d) Tuesday
3. How many people were in the car when Tayo was being taken to Uncle Kayode’s
place? a) three b) four c) five d) six
4. The names of Tayo’s cousin in England were a)Modupe and Tunde b) Tunde and Yusuf c) Bolaji and Ike d) Tunde and Jumoke
5. In 1963, Uncle Kayode returned from abroad as a) a senior army officer b) an engineer c) a wealthy politician d) a Professor of English Language
6. ‘You’re off to be a Balliol man’ – who stated this? a) Tyo’s father b) Uncle Kayode c) Ucle Bola d) Headmaster Faircliff

1. The names of Tayo’s friends on board were a) Ike Arinze and Lekan Olajide b) Lekan Olajide and Yusuf Abubakar c) Yusuf Abubakar and Ike Arinze d) Lekan Olajide and Ibrahim Mohammed
2. In the letter to his father, Tayo said King Olav’s son from _____ was also a student at Balliol a) Norway b) Niger c) France d) San Fransico
3. Which College was Christine studying? a) Oxford college b) St. Hilda college c) Balliol college d) Magalen college
4. Christine was studying ____ a) Literature b) History c) Modern Languages d) Law
5. Tayo was nicknamed ____ by his collegues a) T boy b) T boss c) Ty boss d) Ty
6. Tayo’s father was _______ a) an inspector of police b) a taxi driver c) a senior army officer d) a journalist
7. The full name of Tayo’s father was ____ a) Mr Olajide Ajayi b) Mr. Oguniyi Ajayi c) Mr. Kayode Ajayi d) Mr. Adeniyi Ajayi
8. Who sent letter of introduction to Professor Edward on behalf of Tayo? a) Headmaster Faircliff b) Vanessa c) Mr. Blackburn d) Mr. Clark

1. Mr. Edward Barker was _____ at John college a) an English Professor b) a Law
Professor c) a History Professor d) a Mathematics Professor
2. When Tayo arrived Oxford, Christine was in her ___ year a) 1st b) 2nd c) 3rd d) 4th
3. On their first meeting, Tayo realized Christine was very bothered about ___ a) what Tayo thought of her b) What Vanessa thought of her c) what other Nigerians thought of her d) her beauty
4. When Tayo made sexual advance towards Christine, she a) resisted b)told him they had just met c) yielded to it d) hated him

1. Mehul was a) a prince b) an artist c) an artist and a prince d) Vanessa’s boyfriend
2. Vanessa’s friend, Jane was in _____ a) Cambridge b) Balliol c) St. Hilda d) Oxford
3. Jane was studying ____ a) English b) History c) Law d) Physics
4. JACARI stood for a) Joint Association Committee Against Racial Inequality b) Joint
Action Calling Against Racial Inequality c) Joint Action Committee Against Racial
Inequality d) Joint Association Against Radical Inequality

1. Who was in charge of playing the film on Nigeria at the West African Society meeting? a) Tayo b) Ike c) Christine d) Bolaji
2. “That film is a disgrace. Where were the Nigerians?” who said this? a) Bolaji b) Tayo c) Ike d) Vanessa
3. ____ was a Ghanaian at the West Africa Society a) Simon b) Francis c) Christine d) Mehul
4. “…independence came far too early” – who said this? a) Ike b) Bolaji c) Tayo d) Francis
5. The president of the West African Society was ____ a) Simon b) Isabella c) Tayo d) Samir
6. Vanessa was studying at a) Balliol b) St. Hilda c) Magalene d) Cambridge
7. Christine’s reaction towards Vanessa when she first encounter her could be said to be of a) Friendship b) Jealousy c) Contempt d) Awe

1. Tayo’s father had worked in the British Adminstration in Nigeria as ____ a) a police man b) a driver and a court messenger c) as a court messenger and interpreter d) a colonial master and a driver
2. Tayo’s middle name was a) Oluwakayode b) Temitope c) Oluwatayo d) Moremi

1. Juma and Saratu were _____ a) Vanessa’s siblings b) Vanessa’s cats c) Vanessa’s
neighbours d) Vanessa’s friends
2. Mr. Richardson can be said to be a a) racist b) liberal person c) sadist d) murderer

1. At the Christmas party, one of Vanessa’s father’s friend a) beat up Tayo b) recognized Tayo c) mistook Tayo for a servant d) gave Tayo a parce
2. Vanessa’s family home was in a) Aberleigh b) San Francisco c) Norway d) France
3. The name of Vanessa’s grandparents were Grandma and Grandpa ____ a) Murdoch b) Richardson c) Edward d) Humes
4. Tayo’s mother was one of Mr. Ajayi’s ___ wives a) three b) four c) five d) two
5. Tayo’s mother married how many husband(s)? a) one b) two c) three d) four

1. Tayo first saw the Aureol in _____ a) 1967 b) 1948 c) 1951 d) 1960
2. Tayo told Vanessa the story of _____ many times a) his mother b) Modupe c) his first love d) Satchmo
3. Tayo told Vanessa that Christine was his a) first love b) ex-girlfriend c) neighbor back home d) cousin

1. Vanessa’s visit with Tayo to Paris was a) her first visit b) one of her many visits c) her second visit d) her sixth visit
2. Who was Simon’s girlfriend? a) Nina b) Modupe c) Vanessa d) Isabella
3. Christine died of a) an undisclosed accident b) malaria c) an overdose, suicide d) an accident
4. In the Newspaper cutting sent by Tayo’s father, Christine was said to have died of a) sudden illness b) gang rape c) malaria d) a car accident

1. Mr. Murdoch was posted to _______ during his colonial service a) Nigeria b)
Cameroon c) Niger d) Tanganyika
2. What happened on the way coming when Jane went to pick up uncle Tony a) they ate at a French restaurant b) they had an accident c) they got lost d) they had sex
3. Madame Pagnole was the cook for the _____ a) Barkers b) Richardsons c) Humes d) Ajayis
4. Nancy called brown children a) Mullatoes b) Monkeys c) Niggas d) Goats
5. Madame Pagnole’s first name was a) Joyce b) Gisele c) Gift d) Isabella
6. Tayo was reading ____ at Balliol a) Law b) History of West Africa c) English Language d) Politics, Philosophy and Economics
7. Mr Murdoch and Vanessa’s father met in a) 1951, when Vanessa’s father was a
colonial master b) 1940, when Murdoch was a colonial master c) 1943, when they
were both colonial masters d) 1945, when they were in Oxford preparing for colonial services
8. “Prime Minister A-Ja-yee and his wife Vanessa A-ja-yee” who said this? a) Jane b)
Nancy c) Vanessa d) Simon

1. Who works at the local bakery to support himself as a student? a) Tunde b) Simon c) Yusuf d) Samir
2. At the bakery, who was the interpreter? a) Tayo b) Vanessa c) Tunde d) Samir

1. Ysuf got married to _____ a) Joyce Richardson b) Joy Williams c) Jane Edward d) Jean Barker
2. Tunde and Yusuf held a party for a) Tunde’s girlfriend’s birthday b) in celebration of Nigeria’s independence c) in celebration of Tayo and the Gambia’s Independence d) for Yusuf new born baby
3. Who was beaten up at the party at Tunde’s place? a) Tayo b) Tunde c) Yusuf d) Bolaji
4. After Tunde, Tayo and Yusuf were arrested, who came to the police station for their realease? a) Mr and Mrs. Richardson b)Mr and Mrs Murdoch c) Mr and Mrs Edward d) Mr and Mrs Winter

1. How did Vanessa feel by Tayo’s relationship with his Nigerian friends? a) She felt
intrigued b) she felt she was among them c) she felt abandoned d) she didn’t care
about them
2. Yusuf was from a) Oyo b) Kaduna c) Borno d) Kano
3. On seeing Yusuf’s bride at the wedding, Tayo was a) elated b) wishful that he was the one getting married c) surprised that it was not Joy d) Surprise that it was not Joyce
4. At Yusuf’s wedding, Vanessa was putting on a) a fine lace wrapper with buba b) the traditional Yoruba Aso-oke c) a suit d) Tayo’s Dansiki
5. Who told Vanessa about Tayo and Christine’s romantic relationship? a) Tayo himself b) Ike c) Simon d) Charlie

1. Vanessa and Tayo spent the New year’s eve after the argument in the train a) apart b) together c) at the college d) In Mr. Richardson’s place
2. How did Vanessa feel about Tayo’s opinion on her views on religion and women’s rights? a) she felt he was too criticizing b) she felt he was a religious fanatic c) she felt he was too liberal d) she was unconcerned
3. Why was Tayo envious of Mr. Barker and Vanessa on their first visit to the Barkers? a) He suspected they were cheating on him b) he felt he didn’t fit in among the whites c) they were discussing a subject he knew little about d) he caught them kissing

1. Vanessa waited for Tayo’s uncle at the a) Chinese restaurant b) Christ Church c)
Randolph Hotel d) Sun Fransico Guest house
2. Tayo’s favorite uncle was a) Uncle Bola b) Uncle Tosin c) Uncle Kayode d) Uncle Ajayi
3. Tayo’s uncle decided to study a) Engineering at Balliol college, England b) Engineering at the Institute Francais du Petrole, France c) Literature at St. John Hopkins college, Oxford d) Arts at any college
4. How did Vanessa feel after her first encounter with Tayo’s uncle? a) she liked him b) she realized he was disapproving of her c) she realized she will have a hard time relating with Tayo’s family members d) She wasn’t sure of his intention

1. How will you describe Vanessa’s Fathers reaction towards the relationship between Tayo and his daughter? a) he approved it because he like Tayo b) he felt Tayo was too poor for his daughter c) He was disapproving because he was a racist d) he felt Tayo did not love his daughter
2. After Tayo’s talk with Mr. Richardson, Vanessa felt Tayo a) was too independent b) was too dependent c) wasn’t the right guy for her d) was a pervert

1. When Tayo returned home in 1966, which of his relatives was enarmoured by his talk of Vanessa? a) Tayo’s Father b) Sister Bisi c) Brother Remi d) Uncle Bola
2. Modupe’s husband was a) Ola b) Olu c) Remi d) Dele
3. Who announced to Tayo’s neighbourhood that Ironsi was almost killed? a) Tayo b) Modupe’s husband c) Dele d) Remi
4. When Tayo left, Vanessa once got drunk and went off with a) Ike b) Simon c) Charlie d) Yusuf
5. Why did Vanessa break up with Tayo? a) She fell in love with someone else b) Tayo had an affair with someone else c) Tayo’s father did not approve of them d) Tayo impregnated some else

1. Who was Suleiman’s real father? a) Mr. Edward b) Jean Luc c) Tayo d) Salamotou

1. The history of Nigeria written by Tayo was dedicated to Vanessa and a) his mother b) Kemi c) Miriam d) his father
2. How did Tayo’s family react to his loss of interest in organized religion? a) They had taken issue with him b) they felt he was old enough to make decisions c) they
distanced themselves from him d) they didn’t card
3. Tayo and his family usually had lunch one Sunday a month at the a) Kingsway
Restaurant b) Chinese Restaurant c) Quaker Club d) Yelwa club
4. Adeniyi Oluwakayode Pele was the name a) of Tayo’s first son b) of Kemi’s Boyfriend c) Tayo wished to give his unborn boy d) Vanessa wrote down in her diary for her son with Tayo
5. Yusuf and his wife lost their first two children a) in a car accident b) in an inferno c) to food poisoning d) to sicke cell anaemia
6. When they returned to Nigeria, a) Yusuf was adaptive than Tayo b) Tayo was more adaptive than Yusuf c) Yusuf and Tayo realized they couldn’t fit in again d) They both fit in equally
7. Tayo told a story about the fake professor of ____ from Oxford a) Law b) History c) Modern Language d) Economics
8. Tayo did not like Miriams inability to a) bear him a baby boy b) engage in other
people’s ideas c) keep shut while he was talking d) take care of their daughter
9. Who asked Tayo when he would become Nigeria’s president? a) Ibrahim b) kemi c) Joy d) Miriam
10. Tayo’s neighbours in the University homes were a) Edward and Richardson b) Yusuf and Simon c) Kwame and David d) Bisi and Remi
11. When did Tayo say they were expecting the baby? a) first week in April b) last week in April c) first week in August d) last week in August
12. Tayo was offered a job by ____ University in England but turned it down a)
Birmingham b) Oxford c) San Fransico d) Cambridge
13. Yusuf warned Tayo about his a) criticism of the government b) alcohol addiction c) inability to take care of his family d) loss of interest in organized religion

1. How did Tayo meet Miriam? a) at a Chinese Restaurant b) at the University he taught c) Miram was his family househelp d) Miriam was the nurse that attended to his father
2. When Tayo told Kemi of his first visit to the Aureol, Kemi thought the little girl Tayo saw was a) Vanessa b) Sister Bisi c) Miriam d) Joy

1. Aunty Bayo was a) Tayo’s cousin b) Uncle Kayode’s first wife c) Tayo’s father’s last wife d) Miriam’s sisters
2. Uncle Kayode married Helene in a) 1963 b) 1984 c) 1974 d) 1990
3. ____ took Tayo to meet his uncle ____ a) Akin, in Atan b) Bayo, In Ibadan c) Samir, in Ibadan d) Yusuf, in Aja
4. In 1984, Tayo was Chair of the department of a) History b) PPE c) Literature d) Law
5. Ike worked in a) a petroleum company b) the Ministry of Agriculture c) the British Administration d) the Ministry of Education
6. Why was Tayo unable to talk with the Old man he went to visit the second day he arrived? a) he was tired and needed to rest b) the old man had died c) he felt he still had enough time later d) he was besieged by visitors all day
7. The old man Tayo met started work with Lord Lugard in a) 1914 b) 1912 c) 1942 d)
8. The old man Tayo met had in possession Lord Lugard’s a) official seal b) Potrait the press did not have c) favorite glasses d) official robe
9. How many nights had passed by the time Tayo left the Old man’s place? a) three b) two c) four d) just one night
10. What was the cause of Tayo’s mother’s death? a) heart attack b) undisclosed illness c) Gun shots d) Car accident

1. What was Tayo’s relationship with student activists in Nigeria? a) he criticized them b) he was giving information to the government about them c) he was giving secret assistance to them d) he tried as much as possible not to get involved with them
2. Why didn’t Tayo want to leave Nigeria for England? a) he was tired of living in England b) he hoped to run for the office of the president in Nigeria c) he felt he was more useful home than abroad d) he was afraid of travelling through air
3. Why did the baby Miriam had died? a) it was premature due to early labour b) it died of starvation c) it died of Malaria d) it died as a result of Tayo’s neglect

1. Tayo’s father had always thought that the best investment was in _____ a) oil b)
consumer goods c) land d) electronics
2. Which of Tayo’s friends was appointed Chairman of a prestigious London foundation? a) Ike b) Samir c) Bolaji d) Simon

1. When Tayo marked the papers submitted by his student in 1993, he was a) satisfied with his students wit b) convinced that they didn’t allow the nation’s problem affect them c) unhappy with what they wrote d) unconcerned about what they wrote
2. The Aureol made its last voyage around west Africa in a) 1967 b) 1990 c) 1978 d) 1974
3. Tayo’s fears when he was arrested by the soldiers was that a) they could kill him
before anyone notices b) they could send him to jail for many years c) they could hurt his family d) nobody cared what happened to him

1. Which newspaper named Tayo’s book ‘the biography of the year’? a) The Guardian b) The New york Times c) The Observer d) The New Nigeria
2. Tayo and Vanessa met again after how many years of separation? a) twenty b) twentyfive c) twenty-seven d) thirty years
3. Which newspaper does Vanessa write for? a) the Guardian b) the Punch Times c) the New York Times d) The Observer
4. Tayo had preferred that Kemi study a) Arts and Drama b) Architecture c) Law d)
5. Vanessa’s mother died of ____ in year___ a) car accident, 1974 b) Poisoning, 1970 c) stroke, 1980 d) cancer, 1978
6. What to happed to Edward’s wife before Vanessa could marry him? a) she died b) she became paralysed c) she divorced him d) she wanted a secon wife for him
7. The first article by Vanessa that Tayo read after their separation was on a) Fela’s
Zombie song b) FESTAC c) Nigeria’s civil war d) Nigeria’s independence
8. What was the name of the Indian restaurant Vanessa and Tayo went to when they were in Oxford? a) The Raj b) The Faj c) The Taj d) The Maj
9. What does Miriam do in London? a) she works as a secretary b) she runs a nursing facility for the elderly c) she writes for the New York Times d) she worksin a bank

1. Vanessa left Dakar in a) 1978 b) 1970 c) 1975 d) 1980
2. Why did Vanessa leave Darkar? a) she missed home b) she left to marry Edward c) she left because her mother was sick d) she left because her father was paralysed
3. After their separation, how did Vanessa meet Edward? a) she went back to him for comfort b) she worked under him c) she ran into him in a restaurant d) he came to meet her in Dakar
4. How did Salamatou die? a) In a car accident b) by stray bullet c) of a sudden illness d) she was assassinated
5. Vanessa got married to Edward on a) January 15, 1984 b) July 15, 1976 c) June 15,
1968 d) December 15, 1970
6. What was the name of Mandela’s book that Edward bought for Vanessa? a) Winnie the Pooh b) Independence of South Africa c) The Rising Sun d) Long Walk to Freedom

1. After they met again, Tayo explained to Vanessa in one of his letters that a) he would commit suicide b) he was dying to meet the President c) he felt he had lost his African Personality d) he wanted to marry her again
2. In her letter to Tayo, why did Vanessa find her work frustrating? a) The newspaper she worked for cared less about Africa b) Her salary had been reduced c) there were too much over time at work d) she had lost interest in journalism
3. How old was Suleiman when he left the University? a) 17 b) 18 c) 21 d) 23
4. What offence was Tayo accused of for his detention? a) he fought the government officials b) he did not pay his taxes c) he wrote a book criticizing the Nigerian Government and its head of state d) he showed his student the book, The Harder They Come.

1. The hausa love story Vanessa’s mother told her was called a) pick-up-your-first-love b) pick-up-your-sandals-and-sticks c) pick-up-your-sticks-and-sandals d) go-back-to-yourfirst-love
2. How did Vanessa feel about turning fifty? a) she felt blessed b) she was happy that she had a wonderful son c) she was happy that her marriage lasted so long d) she felt bad and nostalgic
3. Why did Suleiman leave England for Senegal? a) He felt he belonged among Africans and not Europeans b) He was sent away by Vanessa’s father c) he wanted to complete his university studies in Senegal d) he wanted to meet his old time girlfriend

1. Which of vanessa’s father’s friends was with him in the Home for the Elderly? a) Mr. Murdoch b) Mr. Edward c) Mrs. Murdoch d) Mrs. Isabella
2. Vanessa waited for Tayo at ____ airport but he didn’t show up? a) San Fransico b) Aureol c) Hearthrow d) Balliol

1. How did Tayo plan of getting Vanessa back? a) He planned to get rid of Edward b) He would come in between them and win her over c) he would convince her to file a divorce d) Edward was old and would soon die

1. Abdou died after the accident as a result of a) him loosing too much blood b) his
numerous fractures c) internal bleeding that weren’t cared for d) the fracture in his skull
2. After the accident, Kemi flied Tayo via ___ to the US a) France b) London c) Senegal d) South Africa
3. Kemi’s boyfriend ___ was a ___ a) Suleiman, student b) Laurent, Chef c) Samir,
Policeman d) Ike, Lawyer
4. Why did Kemi see a therapist? a) she couldn’t bare the loss of her mother b) she was depressed because her boyfriend abandoned her c) it was a requirement for her job d) she was depressed to see her parent divource
5. Tayo went to the Golden Gate Bridge to do what? a) to get a better view of the US b) To take a walk c) to meet Vanessa d) to commit suicide
6. Who was sending the money for Tayo’s medical bills while he stayed with Kemi? a) Vanessa b) Miriam c) Hawa d) Suleiman

1. What did Vanessa finally do with her father’s papers? a) she decided to publish some of them b) she burnt them because they were racists c) she sold them to the local museum d) she gave them to Kemi
2. Saratu was the daughter of a) Vanessa’s aunt b) Vanessa’s mother’s friend c) Hawa d) Vanessa’s father’s concubine
3. Vanessa came to the conclusion that her mother and Danjuma a) dated secretly b) were relatives c) were responsible for her father’s death d) were workmates

1. Tayo was offered a part-time job by ____ at ____ university a) Mr. Edward, Cambridge b) Mr. Richardson, Oxford c) Mr. John Harris, San Francisco State d) Mr. Abubakar, Jos
2. Who later became the pastor of the fastest growing Nigerian church in London? a) Tunde b) Yusuf c) Ike d) Bolaji
3. Why wouldn’t Tayo repeat the debate he held for his student about African history? a) he was satisfied with the outcome b) it led to a massive protest by the students c) the student did not like the topic d) the debate almost led to a fight
How did Tayo feel when he received the letter announcing he was awarded an
honorary degree from oxford? a) he was complacent b) he felt he did not deserve it c) he did not want any honorary degree d) he planned to reject it secretly

1. How many people including Tayo were awarde honorary degree? a) four b) five c) six d) eight
2. Tayo alongside ___ was awarded honorary degree in ___ a) two people, Law b) five people, Literature c) one person, Literature d) four people, History
3. Which of the following is true? a) Vanessa was solely responsible for Tayo’s
nomination for honorary degree b) Vanessa was against Tayo’s nomination c) Vanessa cared less about Tayo’s nomination d) Vanessa had a voice among others for Tayo’s nomination
4. What did Tayo plan to do when he returns to Nigeria after the honorary degree? a) he wanted to run for presidency b) he wanted to start a university of his own c) he wanted to quit teaching d) he wanted to continue teaching but stay away from politics
5. What name had Vanessa dreamed of giving her child with Tayo? a) Oluwakayode b) Moremi c) Adeniyi d) Pele


Chapter 1:
1. C
2. C
3. C
4. D
5. A
6. D
Chapter 2:
1. D
2. A
3. B
4. C
5. D
6. A
7. D
8. A
Chapter 3:
1. C
2. C
3. C
4. C
Chapter 4:
1. B
2. A
3. D
4. C
Chapter 5:
1. A
2. C
3. B
4. D
5. A
6. B
7. B
Chapter 6:
1. C
2. A
Chapter 7:
1. B
2. A
Chapter 8:
1. C
2. A
3. D
4. B
5. B
Chapter 9:
1. C
2. D
3. D
Chapter 10:
1. B
2. A
3. C
4. A
Chapter 11:
1. D
2. D
3. C
4. A
5. B
6. D
7. D
8. A
Chapter 12:
1. A
2. D
Chapter 13:
1. B
2. C
3. A
4. D
Chapter 14:
1. C
2. D
3. D
4. A
5. D
Chapter 15:
1. B
2. A
3. C
Chapter 16:
1. C
2. C
3. B
4. A
Chapter 17:
1. C
2. B
Chapter 18:
1. D
2. B
3. C
4. C
5. D
Chapter 20:
1. B
Chapter 21:
1. D
2. A
3. D
4. C
5. D
6. A
7. D
8. B
9. A
10. C
11. D
12. A
13. A
Chapter 22:
1. D
2. C
Chapter 23:
1. B
2. C
3. A
4. A
5. D
6. D
7. B
8. D
9. A
10. D
Chapter 24:
1. C
2. C
3. A
Chapter 25:
1. C
2. D
Chapter 26:
1. C
2. D
3. A
Chapter 27:
1. B
2. C
3. A
4. B
5. D
6. C
7. B
8. C
9. B
Chapter 28:
1. C
2. C
3. C
4. A
5. B
6. D
Chapter 29:
1. C
2. A3. B
4. D
Chapter 30:
1. C
2. D
3. A
Chapter 31
1. C
2. C
Chapter 32:
1. D
Chapter 33:
1. C
2. A
3. B
4. D
5. D
6. D
Chapter 34:
1. A
2. B
3. A
Chapter 35:
1. C
2. A
3. D
4. B
Chapter 36:
1. C
2. C
3. D
4. D
5. A

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